Ten Reasons to Choose Southern Electronics 
to Repair Your Electronic Equipment:

Call 1-888-487-3500 
Mon. - Fri., 8:00-5:30 Eastern Time For More Info.

  1. Your repaired unit will be in BETTER THAN NEW condition. We do not just fix the immediate problem, but go over it entirely, to prevent future problems. We install all factory updates and modifications, to repair manufacturing design defects discovered after your unit left the factory.
  2. We carefully repair all defective factory machine soldering, the number one cause of failure.
  3.  We check and correct the alignment of all circuits, for better performance reception and audio clarity.
  4.  We replace all wearing parts, like belts and idler wheels that dry up with age.
  5.  We clean tape heads, capstans and laser optics. We thoroughly clean and buff faceplates to look nearly new. (Replacements faceplates are available on request, but cost from $40 to $150)
  6.  After repair, we vibrate and thermally cycle the unit to be sure it will stand up to the extreme environment a car goes through and then do a final quality test.
  7.  To make it even easier, ask and we will send you a UPS ARS tag and UPS will pickup your equipment at your office.
  8.  We are a member of the BBB Better Business Bureau and abide by their business policies.
  9.  We can help you trouble shoot and tell you how to remove the unit, just call toll free 1-888-487-3500.
  10. We have an IRONCLAD ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY* covering parts, labor and shipping on the 

  11. ENTIRE UNIT not just the parts we use unless the unit is abused. This is a "limited" warranty, but we will
    do what it takes to get your unit fixed for no additional money.

    *FREE ESTIMATES: If you decline the repair you have two options: we can return the unit for $12.95 to cover
    freight and handling or if you decline the return fee you implicitly authorize us to dispose of properly.

Eric Sundberg, President, Southern Electronics.

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