10 Facts About Factory Car Audio Repair
vs Non -Factory Replacements.

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Thinking about buying an aftermarket unit from a discount chain store insteadof repair your factory unit? Before you do consider these facts about replacement radios:

  1. Factory units can cost from $400 to $2,000 for a reason. They are built tougher and to more demanding specifications.

  2. Many cars depend on the radio for dash light dimming, heater control functions and other functions. These will not work with a non-factory unit. Your factory radio matches the look of the dash and the electronic systems of your car.

  3. Non-Factory replacements can be had for less, but they require the wiring on your car to be cut or modified. (Or an adapter plug for $20 or more).

  4. Replacements are much smaller then the factory radio, and require a trim kit (another $20) to fill in the big factory cut out (Especially those Ford oval shaped ones) and still won't look right.

  5. Replacements require custom installation, (another $60) while repair removal is usually simple to do yourself.

  6. So add about $100 or so when you price the replacement radio, the trim kit, plug and custom installation.

  7. Replacements Also may pick up engine electrical interference since they were not designed for your car.

  8. Replacements have tiny little buttons that are tough to press in a moving car and their labels even harder to read.

  9. Bottom line, a non-factory replacement will hurt the resale value of you car.

  10. Repair is environmentally friendly, and conserves energy and natural resources.

    OK, you can tell we like factory radios. But in some cases a cheaper replacement makes sense. We carry Sony, Pioneer, Blaupunkt and SPS for those applications as well....

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