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A Sirius Satellite Radio subscription provides over 100 channels of content and high-quality sound.
A Sirius Satellite Radio subscription provides over 100 channels of content and high-quality sound.

Visteon's aftermarket Satellite Radio System is an integrated audio solution consisting of an antenna, down link processor (DLP) module, and radio head unit. Visteon’s Satellite Ready AM/FM Stereo 6-Disc CD is designed to work with the Visteon Satellite Radio Upgrade Kit (purchased separately) to provide Sirius Satellite Radio through the CD6 head unit. Utilizing the head unit and a separate location for the satellite DLP module, it is designed for integration with the following automotive radio systems:

  • 2004 Ford Explorer 4-Door
  • 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
  • 2004 Ford Expedition
  • 2004 Ford Mustang
  • 2004 Ford Thunderbird
  • 2004 Lincoln LS
  • 2004 Lincoln Aviator
  • 2004 Lincoln Navigator
  • 2004 Lincoln Town Car
  • 2004 Mercury Mountaineer

Nationwide Networks, Seamless Reception
Satellite networks are analogous to the networks used for mobile phones. Combining satellites with a terrestrial network of ground-based transmitters virtually ensures coast-to-coast coverage over the entire Continental United States. And to help prevent against occasional drop outs when traveling through short blockages such as tunnels or under overpasses, Visteon's system provides a four second diversity buffer that minimizes signal fade.

Personalized, Innovative Radio
With over 100 mostly commercial-free programs available, it's easy for consumers to find the channels that are right for them. The Sirius service subscription offers eclectic music channel choices, such as rock, dance, show tunes, bluegrass and alternative, along with mainstream oldie music channels. Most music channels are delivered commercial-free.

In addition to music, Sirius provides over 40 channels of sports, news, and entertainment coverage. In-studio performances and interviews and a knowledgeable staff of music lovers make the satellite-radio-listening experience unlike any other.

Excellent Sound Quality
Because it uses only satellite and ground-based network digital signals, the Satellite Radio System offers exceptional fidelity.

  • Real-time bandwidth optimization and satellite- and ground-based digital signals.
  • Ensures high-quality reception with minimal signal fade.
  • Virtual coast-to-coast coverage.

  • Enhanced radio display capability.
  • Easy-to-use interface displays channel name, channel number, artist and song title.
  • Appeals to consumers and music enthusiasts.

  • Integrated four-second diversity buffer.
  • Improves reception during short blockages; e.g., traveling under an overpass.

  • Flexible installation options.
  • Depending on system setup, can be operated from steering wheel or DVD-player controls.

  • OE-quality, Ford-authorized system.
  • Excellent reception with minimal signal fade.
  • Looks great in vehicle interior.

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