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visteon's cd-6 player combines a 6-disc cd changer, am/fm stereo tuner and amplifier, all in one convenient, dashboard-loading unit.
Visteon's CD-6 player combines a 6-disc CD changer, AM/FM stereo tuner and amplifier, all in one convenient, dashboard-loading unit.

Your customers want user-friendly audio systems that are flexible enough to play multiple discs and convenient enough for efficient installation into their vehicles.

Visteon's in-dash CD-6 Radio combines a 6-disc CD changer, AM/FM stereo tuner, and 80-watt amplifier into one convenient, dashboard-loading unit. While more typical CD changers occupy valuable space in the trunk or under the seats, Visteon's innovative design lets consumers load up to six discs using an in-dash loader. And with all this design and functionality in a standard 100mm chassis, Visteon's CD-6 Radio is a triumph in convenience, instrument panel integration, and sound quality.

Outstanding Automotive Audio
With a high-powered 80-watt internal amplifier and advanced sound-improving features like AM/FM auto noise reduction and MACH® Digital Signal Processing (DSP) concert-hall effects, your customers will appreciate this audiophile-level sound system.

Convenience Features
The CD-6 Radio offers a host of selection, navigation, and access features, including:

  • Random shuffle within CD or across CDs
  • Loads directly into the CD slot (no disc magazine required)
  • Direct access to CDs through presets
  • Selective eject and load capabilities
  • Easy-to-use display shows continuous status of CDs
  • Steering wheel and rear seat control compatibility
  • Cellular phone interface

Intelligent Design
Visteon integrated the 6-disc CD changer, AM/FM stereo tuner, and amplifier into one unit — making it one of the easiest-to-use multi-player systems on the market. And with no CD changer or hardware needed in the center console or in the trunk, the Visteon player frees up storage space and reduces wiring and system complexity.

  • Multiple scan, search, and play functions
  • Easy-to-use player lets consumers select songs in the way they're most comfortable

  • 80-watt amp with MACH Digital Signal Processing
  • Audiophile-quality sound and fidelity

  • AM/FM radio, CD-6 player, and amplifier in one in-dash unit
  • Frees storage space, simplifies installation, and is easy to use.


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